Bjørn Alterhaug (Double bass / kontrabass)


Finn Sletten  Drums / Trommer


Henning Gravrok (sax)


Bjørn Andor Drage (keys / tangenter)

"Rita Lovise sings her way straight into the jazz vocal elite with her debut album "Craving Coffee". 



Rita Lovise´s debut album Craving Coffee has the same qualities as Tomas Tranströmer`s (The Nobel Peace Prize in Literature 2011) poem. Smooth and strong and filled with flavour." 

 All About Jazz


"There are echoes here of Eva Cassidy, Tracy chapman, Norah Jones and Nina Simone."

Jazz Views


Who is Rita Lovise?

Debutant Rita Lovise Haugseggen has thrilled the Norwegian media and brought the audiences to tears with her unique music and distinctive voice and music. After only six months of touring, The Norwegian National Public Broadcaster's (NRK) jazz expert Erling Wicklund described her as a 'prodigy' and emphasized her bravery in 'playing against all expectations'. 


A force to be reckoned with

Rita Lovise has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Eva Cassidy, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Grace Jones, Nina Simone, Melody Gardot, Judy Garland, Radka Toneff, Norah Jones, Robert Plant and Adele. She was a judge at The Norwegian Grammy Award 2014 and theese days she is working on her up coming album "Under Water".


Photo by Christina Børding, www.xtinafoto.no  

Rita Lovise Band

Rita Lovise Haugseggen had attracted internationally celebrated, and award-winning musicians for her debut album Craving Coffee. Professor Emeritus Bjørn Alterhaug (double bass), Finn Sletten (drums), Gaute Vikdal (buck horn, lure, trombone), Henning Gravrok (sax) and Professsor Bjørn Andor Drage (piano). The internationally acclaimed sound engineer, Jan Erik kongshaug, recorded the album at his world-wide renowned Rainbow Studio.


Great reviews

Both the international and the national press have been generous with superaltives when it comes to Rita Lovise. Terje Mosnes, in The Norwegian National Daily newspaper, writes about her débute album: "Armed with her own songs and brilliantly transported by musicians full of unpretentious skills, she blows the door off the hinges with a poetic and vocal force of expression that is rare."

It becomes clearer and clearer that she is one of our greatest jazz vocalists. 



She has the vocal talents of a jazz singer and a way with words like a poet. 

-All About Jazz


Rita Lovise is surrounded by jazz lovers, praised by the critics and loved by the audience. 



Rita Lovise is ready to go abroad. This is just the beginning! 

-Rana Blad


Side by side with Norah Jones and Lisa Ekdal. 



"A record that reward deeper listening. Layers of complexity and notes that reveals a pleasant aftertaste.

-All About Jazz


Great lyrics. 



An unknown girl with a peculiar voice, found her way to the inner essence of our soul, took it out and shook it before she gave it back. 



A new genra within jazz. 

 -Oppland Arbeiderblad


The band is sharply pointed, the air is electric and you should dress up a little extra for this concert!

 -The National Jazz Scene of Norway (Victoria).


Rita Lovise & Co crosses boundaries with an expressions that include us. 



Available in Japan, USA, Great Britain, Be-Ne-Lux, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and Slovania. (And internationally on ITunes, Wimp etc. Red.) 

-Oppland Arbeiderblad 


A solid-branded story teller. Masters both English and Norwegian as a poet and intermediary. 

-TV2s Tor Hammeroe, side3.no 


I new voice in Norwegian jazz that will be heard for decades. 

-TV2s Tor Hammeroe


Powerful jazz vitamins! 

 -Avisa Nordland


A rebell with a professor band. 

-Oppland Arbeiderblad


The superlatives are pouring down after every concert with Rita Lovise. After last night`s power demonstration, it is easy to understand why.

She formally vibrates on stage, and radiates an enormous amount of power and sensitivity. It is difficult to describe the performance, and it seems like there is absolutely no limitations for what she is capable of doing with her voice. 

-Hamar Arbeiderblad


One of Norway`s greatest jazz vocalists. 

-Radio Alta


A star-team for jazz lovers! 



A Norwegian pearl. 

-The Norwegian Music Festival Smeltedigelen


Something else. She melts the critics. 



The Arts Festival of Norway is not alone in honouring this artist. 

-Teatret Vart, Molde


People will hear a lot from this jazz artist for years to come. 



Raw voice on the jazz stage. 

-Harstad Tidende


Intricate and vulnerable. 

-Rana Blad


She is the opposite of what we got so much of theese days. She plays against the expectations. She takes it all down.. and whispers something in your ear. 

 -NBC´s broadcaster Erling Wicklund


One of the most interesting jazz artists to day. 

-The Art`s Festival of North Norway


Complete vocal controll. A deep and powerful voice, like famous jazz singers like Nina Simone and Tracy Chapman. 

-Hamar Arbeiderblad


Mystic. Crafty. Impressive. The essence of Rita Lovise Band: You just got to hear them again. 

-Finnmark Dagblad


"She has high heels, glittery earrings and sings like a God!"

 -Helgeland Arbeiderbald


"A unique voice. No wonder she is a huge success on stage!"



"Sloshes over with playfulness and particularity." 

-Oppland Arbeiderblad


"The One you havn`t heard of, but just got to hear!"

 -Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen


Rita Lovise - Under Water (Upcoming album)

Theese days Rita Lovise is working on her second album, Rita Lovise - Under Water.

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